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Excerpt: Dear Babe/Dear Bastard

A fun new Nellie story, told with love letters and transcripts!

The Letters of Love event on Literotica is coming up in September. The challenge presented to authors was to write a love letter from a character in one of your stories. And obviously, of all the stories I've written... JP and Nellie were the couple I thought were most likely to write each other love letters ;)

This excerpt is from the beginning of the story and features a letter from JP to Nellie. Find out why he's writing her letters when Dear Babe/Dear Bastard is released September 2022!

From The Desk of Jean-Paul Marchand Junior Associate

Dear Babe,

By the time you read this, the intensity with which I miss your sweet, sweet ass will have grown four score and perhaps even seven.

Each minute, I count the minutes, and it’s usually just one minute because that’s how long a minute is, but it’s the only way I can cope with the knowledge that your glorious, thick ass is so very far away. Minutes pass, and then more minutes, and then even more minutes, and each one of those minutes brings me so much closer to the minute I’ll see your butt again.

The perfection of your beauty is burned so strongly into my mind and private album on my phone full of your nudes that I can almost see it: the shapely roundness of your curves; the expanse of smooth, pale, entirely kissable skin; the tiny little freckle that you probably don’t even know you have because it’s right beneath the curve of your butt cheek, almost tucked between your legs. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but every time I nestle my lips ‘twixt your nethers and lick the ever-loving fuck out of your pussy, I kiss that little freckle. It’s like saying hello to the next-door neighbour of an old friend as I’m on my way to visit: in this example, your pussy is the old friend. Not that you have an old lady pussy or something. But it is definitely friendly.

At least, ‘tis friendly to me, my sweet, scrumptious, beautiful, sweet, sexy, hot little lovebug.

I miss so much about you, my darling, but that freckle is high on the list if only for what it represents. Seeing that freckle means I am in the one place I love more than any other place in the world. A place where my body and my mind are surrounded by you and that ass that just don't quit. A place where I can indulge in the taste of you, the scent of you, the sound of you (even though it’s usually muffled because your thighs are pressed against my ears. But you’re louder than a souped-up sports car someone is using to overcompensate for something. Spoiler alert, babe, I can totally hear it when you think you’re being quiet enough that I can’t hear you moan my name. I hear it. Every. Single. Time.).

That list of things I miss also includes the beautiful petals of your delicate lady garden. What I wouldn’t give to feel the sweet, slick canal of your womanly cavern encircling my throbbing, velvet-wrapped steel meat rod. How I would simper at even the tiniest taste of the nectar from your honeypot dripping on my tongue.

What I mean, my dear, is that I yearn for the day when I can once again have my ding-a-ling in your vajayjay. I know the moment when my one-eyed snake finds itself sheathed in your love tunnel, I will likely erupt, and that the empathetic kindness you’re so known for will stop you from laughing at my premature completion of our copulation.

Basically, my love, what I’m trying to say beneath all this euphemistic bullshit is that the next time I see you, I’m going to shove my cock in your pussy so fast and so hard that I’ll probably fill you up with a huge load of hot, thick cum before you’re even close to finishing. So we should make sure that I say hello to your freckle while you sit on my face and grind your clit against my tongue, mostly so you don’t laugh at me when I finish way too fast.

I won’t be able to help it, babe. Fucking you is my favourite place to be.

I miss you.

All my love,


P.S. You also have nice tits but I’ll write more about them another day.


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Cheryl Terra began writing because she's greedy. She wanted to see stories that combined all her favourite things: love, drama, sex, comedy, and the empowering values she shares, plus a little Canadian pride for good measure. One of the things she is most proud of with her writing is hearing about people who enjoy the recurring themes she includes, such as the sexiness of consent, discussions of birth control, and the natural inclusion of diversity in her stories.

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