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Reader's Choice Winners

Thank you so much to everyone who read, voted, and supported my stories in 2020. I am so excited and grateful for your support. My stories The Last Time, Runaway, and No Strings Attached (a collaboration with Jason Caldwell) all won Best Story in their categories (Erotic Couplings, First Time, and Mature), and the infamous Nellie Belanger won Sexiest Female Character.

There are so many fabulous stories on Literotica and it's such a strong community. I've met amazing friends and learned so much there. If you have a moment, pop over to the award winner announcement and check out some of the other great reads from 2020! You can find them all here.


About The Author:

Cheryl Terra writes romance stories for people who hate romance stories, as well as for people who love romance stories. Writing is one of her greatest passions and she can often be found sitting in front of her laptop, ignoring the world around her as she finds elaborate ways for her characters to hook up with each other. When she’s not doing that, Cheryl enjoys knitting, spending time with her pets, annoying her fiancé, and trying to convince people civilization exists in the vast stretch of Canada between Vancouver and Toronto.


Members of my Patreon community get early access to all stories as well as bonus content such as song pairings, extra scenes, and Q&As. Subscribe to my Patreon to check it out!


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