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It's time to fall in love. Sexily. With a book.

Empowering, charming, and excessively sensual modern romance novels by Canadian author Cheryl Terra

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What can you expect from a Cheryl Terra book?

Passion. Respect. Dick Jokes.

Outrageously charming love stories that will tug at your heart strings

Enjoyment of the story AND the spice with steamy, sensual scenes that drive the plot

Strong, flawed, and relatable characters you'll want to be your next book boyfriend/ girlfriend/ best friend

Not just drama, not just comedy, and not just romance: just like life, you get it all in one book.

The romanticization of inclusive, accessible, and healthy relationships

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Meet Cheryl

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Hi, I'm Cheryl!

I'm that person who always said I didn't like romance novels. What I actually meant was I had a hard time finding the kind of romance novels I related to.

I wanted to see flawed characters in pursuit of healthy and happy relationships. I wanted sexy scenes that were funny and steamy. I wanted comedy, tears, and to feel like I knew the people in the book. 

I like to subvert expectations, mash genres, and write smut with a meaning. I aim to write stories that appeal to anyone who loves a good love story and believe romance is for anyone who wants it. 

What People Are Saying

This was so good, I read the whole thing in one day. I see a lot of my past self in Lacey, and Noah is everything I wish I'd had. The dialogue, narrative, plot - everything is great, and the vivid portrayal of Canada is fantastic as well. 


Cheryl Terra is my very favorite author because she always combines a great story with well developed characters who have lots of chemistry, and let’s be honest, incredible sex scenes. Respect and consent are always present in her stories, and Get Over It, is no exception. 


This was such a good story that I skipped over the sexy scenes so that I could read what happens next. Also, you should get a book deal. Thanks for addressing real life issues and writing healthy relationships.


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