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If you're looking for a sweet, swooning heroine who loves first kisses, soul mates, and letting her hair blow romantically in the breeze...

This ain't her.

When the blunt, abrasive, sassy-as-hell-take-no-crap workaholic Aspen Haws is "promoted" against her will, she goes from constantly travelling to a small town in northern Ontario with a dating pool of approximately twelve eligible men.

Luckily, Aspen has no time for love and no desire for commitment. Unluckily, she does have time for no-strings-attached hit-em-and-quit-em hookups... and there's not a lot of that going around Wakeham.


If you're looking for a cocky, confident, bad boy rock star who leaves a trail of broken hearts behind after every show and has a lover in every city...

This ain't him.

Theo Barker's fairytale came true. No one was more surprised than he was when the outcast loser turned world-famous rock star went from being bullied on the playground in Wakeham to the biggest stages in the world. But after his (now ex) girlfriend admits she's only with him for his money, the jaded rock star with a romantic streak decides it's time to go back home and take a break.


Both of these big personalities are immediately intrigued by each other when they collide in the small town of Wakeham: Theo by Aspen's self-assured sensuality and Aspen by Theo's charming smile and genuine kindness. But can these two very, VERY different people overcome the inevitable drama of having two very, very different lifestyles?

Stories and Books by Cheryl Terra

Rock Stars + Romance

Stories kind of like the ones your lead-singer-obsessed self daydreamed about while listening to the same songs on repeat for weeks.


Steamy + Standalone

Books that might make you want to take your clothes off, but you won't because even though you're reading smut in the break room at work, you still want to maintain a somewhat normal appearance.


Love + Drama

Stories for when you want something light to read before bed, only to stay up until three in the morning because "just one more chapter."


Love + Love

Stories with a focus on the bisexual, gay, or lesbian main characters.

Ho + Ho + Ho

Stories for when you need to escape the stressful reality of the holidays for the sexy steaminess of a holiday romance.


Nellie Belanger Series

A series for when you want everything from unexpected threesomes to sappy love stories, all while laughing your ass off at a stubborn, sexy, and empowered heroine.


When The Lights Go Out Series

Books for when you want to read about the same power outage from multiple points of view, only all the points of view are from people who get laid so it's a lot more fun than you think.



Stories for when you want to see what Cheryl's writing is all about before diving in (or for when you'd rather leave a tip than buy an ebook!)

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