When The Lights Go Out


A small town comes together.


Secrets in a small town spread faster than panic in a power outage.

The residents of Minwack Falls are faced with trials, tribulations, and plenty of steamy situations when the power cuts out unexpectedly during a storm. Get to know the lives of all the interesting citizens in this new series of short stories, telling the collective tales of the residents of Minwack Falls.


The Woman Behind The Curtain

The Woman Behind The Curtain.jpg

He's oblivious and she's soaking wet.


Workaholic Owen hears a woman's voice coming from his bathroom during a power outage. When he finds out that his newest neighbour, Meg, is terrified of the dark, he does what good neighbours do: helps her out of the shower.


Maybe You're A Raccoon

Maybe You're A Raccoon.jpg

Nice guys finishing last isn't a bad thing. 


Austin is a nice guy. No, really, an actual nice guy, not just one of those horrible nice guys... except he's totally in love with his best friend, Shay, who is unfortunately attracted to a certain type. After a messy conversation about her most recent breakup, things are awkward between the two friends as a huge thunderstorm hits and the power goes out.


You're Hot and You're Cold

You're Hot And You're Cold.jpg

Apologize with flowers. When that doesn't work, eat pussy.


Lyla Northway is having a horrible day. Cranky and emotional, she's ready to go home when Aaron Mulch bursts into the flower shop and begs for a bouquet so he can apologize to his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, flowers aren't going to solve this problem. Luckily, Lyla has another idea.


Literotica April 2021 Erotic Couplings category nominee


Save World Get Girl

Save World Get Girl.jpg

She's got more game than your Steam library.


Ramona Roth: Player one. Blue hair. Pierced eyebrow. Former president of the student council. Virgin.

Ashton Halliday: Player two. Secret nerd. Sexy jock. Gloriously disapproved of by Ramona's mother.

The mission? Rekindle a friendship during a power outage by way of Mario Kart, heart-to-hearts, and extreme trash talking.


1st Place, May 2021 Readers Choice Awards, Literotica

Hashtag Blessed

Hashtag Blessed.jpg

Behind the camera, things aren't so picture perfect. 


Sierra makes being a mom look flawlessly simple, but it usually takes 10-20 pictures to capture that effortless look. Behind the scenes, things in her Insta-worthy life aren't as easy as they seem. When the power goes out, it's up to Sierra and her husband Drew to keep their three boys calm.


Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park.jpg

Some memories last forever.


According to the Minwack Falls town bylaws, Lakeside Park closes at ten p.m. sharp every night.


As head of the HOA and part of the Minwack Falls Good Neighbours Society, Liz Roth knows this well. But when the power goes out one evening and the storm inside her house ends up being more destructive than the ones raging outside, Liz decides it's time to start breaking the rules.


Lips of an Angel

Lips of an Angel.jpg

There are two sides to every story. Except in his marriage.


How long does it take to atone for one's mistakes?

Scott Roth is nothing if not a dutiful husband, but his patience is wearing thin. When the power goes out during a thunderstorm and his wife volunteers his services to a young mom named Mallory without consulting him, he's ready to snap, but doing so may cost him the marriage he's been working to save for over ten years.