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When It Rains

When he met my sister, I knew he was going to leave me for her.
Just like when I met his dad, I knew I wanted him more than anyone I'd seen before in my life.
What I didn't know?
Just how far my sister would go to hurt me.
Just how many secrets it takes to keep a family together.
And just how many knots would begin unravel when I found solace in the arms of the one person I shouldn't.
But it's like they say, I guess.
When it rains...
It pours.

Jocelyn "Joss" Miller's family is, in a word, disastrous.

With a boyfriend-stealing sister and a father who's decided she's clearly not the favourite, she's not sure how much longer she can give in to her mother's pleas to keep the peace. But when her sister does the unthinkable at her own wedding and Jocelyn is blamed, she finds comfort with the one man she shouldn't: a rugged carpenter and motorcycle enthusiast... who just so happens to be her ex's father, Derek Thompson.

With a sister dead set on revenge and an ex-boyfriend trying to repair his relationship with the father Jocelyn has fallen for, will the secrets revealing themselves one after the other lead to heartbreak, or can Jocelyn and Derek weather the storm and find love on the other side?


  • Literotica July 2020 Mature category nominee

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