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Unseen Love

COVID-19 changed the world. Bella Trimboli changed Danny's world.


The world was shocked when the COVID-19 pandemic led to lockdowns, quarantines, and isolation that had never before been experienced. For Danny Callaway, being isolated wasn't much of a change. It isn't until he happens to hear his new neighbour crying on the balcony that he discovers hope and love can't be stopped by a lockdown.

Set in Toronto during the coronavirus lockdown, Unseen Love is the third collaboration by Jason Caldwell and Cheryl Terra. This story was written for Literotica's Love The One(s) You're With story event and won 2nd place, with a $340 CAD donation made to FoodShare Toronto as part of the prize.


  • Literotica May 2020 Romance category nominee

  • Literotica Love The Ones You're With Special Contest - 2nd Place

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