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Meet Tessa Lane: 30, delightfully chunky, and not at all interested in settling down.

To keep her love life commitment-free, Tessa happily dates couples who are looking for someone just like her for a one-time thing. With a strict set of rules to keep things light and fun, Tessa has her dating app game down pat... or so she thinks.

When she's forced to face her family and a couple that makes her question everything she thought she wanted, Tessa's rules start to crumble. But will the secrets she’s been hiding from… well… everyone come back to haunt her as she faces her own buried insecurities?

Get ready to fall in love with a cast of quirky and lovable characters, including a curvy and body-positive leading lady in a novel that walks the line between steamy romance and witty women’s fiction.

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Cheryl Terra

Cheryl Terra writes romantic and adult fiction with drama, sass, and a whole lot of... spice. Emotional and humorous, her books focus on contemporary relationships, inclusive characters, and happily ever afters. Living with her husband in northern Alberta, Canada, Cheryl relies on the heat between her quirky and memorable characters to help keep the gas bill down in the winter.

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