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The Unicorn Confessions

Tessa Lane is a unicorn and proud of it. Sure, the delightfully chunky 30 year old might be a mess, but at least she’s a hot mess. And she knows she’s exactly what a ton of couples are looking for: a bi woman who wants a couple… but also wants to keep it casual. To keep things from getting serious, Tessa has a list of rules that helps her go from hellos to hell-yeahs as efficiently as possible when she meets a new couple:


Always get a hotel room.

And never, ever stay the night.

But there’s a lot more to this unicorn than meets the eye. When Tessa’s mother calls to invite her to an anniversary party in her hometown, the tangle of secrets that she’s been keeping begins to unravel. Forced to confront her family’s expectations, unwelcome feelings for her brother’s best friend, and a couple that has her rethinking her list of rules, can Tessa face a series of unexpected events and her own buried insecurities without compromising what she wants… even if she discovers that what she wants isn’t necessarily what she needs?

With a cast of quirky and lovable characters, a curvy body-positive main character, and a ton of sass, The Unicorn Confessions is the first in a series of books that walk the line between steamy, scorching romance and witty women’s fiction as Tessa explores the ways love and romance can exist outside traditional couples.

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