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The Devil Made Me

When good things happen to Sean Lemieux, he knows something is about to go horribly, horribly wrong.

It's what he's come to expect. Five years after being kicked out at seventeen by his religious zealot of a father, he's learned to protect himself by keeping his hopes, fears, and secrets heavily guarded. Sure, he might not exactly be happy... but he's safe.

That is, until the day Rick McDougall walks into the firm Sean works at. The tall, immaculately good-looking redhead is the personal assistant of Sean's newest client: a world famous musician who's a little too busy to attend appointments himself. Even Sean can't deny the chemistry between the two of them. 

But Rick is the definition of "too much of a good thing." Just as Sean starts letting his guard down, everything comes crashing down at once.


After discovering the baggage of his past and uncertainty of his future, will Rick be just another person who lets Sean down? Or is the tall redhead with startling blue eyes be the angel Sean needs to save him?

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