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Jessica is a shy introvert who loves to read erotic novels in public. When she meets Andrew, she's forced to face the humiliation that comes along with getting caught.


Jessica's coworkers are worried. Instead of getting out there and meeting someone, she constantly has her nose in a book. Jessica has a secret, though: most of the time, she's trying very hard not to let it show how turned on she is by the erotic novels she reads. When she finally gets caught reading dirty smut in public, Andrew is the perfect person to show her how a little humiliation can be fun.


Vacation Pains

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All Lauren wanted was a quiet vacation on the beach. Then she met Will.


Lauren is in desperate need of a vacation. She's looking forward to a week in Mexico of sitting on the beach, reading books, and drinking margaritas. Will, on the other hand, is ready for a week of adventuring and partying. As attractive as Will is, Lauren can't stand him, but he's stubborn enough to wear down her icy exterior.


Last First Date

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Sydney's best friend catches her in a compromising position.


Sydney and Reid have been "just friends" for years... best friends, that is. When Reid comes back from a date unexpectedly, Sydney is left scrambling as he catches her in a compromising position.

This book includes characters from the Nellie Belanger series.

The Lady of Bath Street

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There's something really weird about her.


Look, Henry Gawain knows he fucked up, okay? He should've definitely not hit that old lady with his car, and he probably should've just called the police instead of agreeing to do WHATEVER she wanted him to, but that's not what happened. So sit down, listen up, and let him tell you the tale of the Lady of Bathe Street.


The Happiest I've Ever Been

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The male birth control pill has some delightful side effects.


When Connor, a down-on-his-luck twenty-something year old man, needs to earn some extra cash, he signs up for a clinical trial taking a male birth control pill. Little does he know that the pill comes with some rather unusual (but arguably pleasant) side effects.


Drop Off The Key

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This is a story about Leigh, a girl who doesn’t know what she wants, and a woman who is just too much.


Leigh might as well be invisible. Her boyfriend checks out other women, even when she's sitting right there, and her friends constantly forget she's even with them when they go out. People walk all over her... literally and figuratively. It isn't until she meets a woman who is bright, bold, and magnetic that Leigh musters up the courage to change her life.

Originally written for the "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" event on Literotica, Drop Off The Key is inspired by the Paul Simon song.