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Sore Loser Cover.jpg

Sore Loser

I thought Hunter was the perfect boyfriend: sweet, funny, kind to animals, and oh yeah - built with the body of a god and a smile that can drop panties from across the room.

Until he got onto the soccer field.

Then he's something I've never seen before.

Dominant. Aggressive. Bigger, stronger, and more talented than anyone else on the field.

I shouldn't like it so much. I shouldn't want to see my kind-hearted, cinnamon roll boyfriend become some alpha jerk who could really hurt someone.

But I do. At least, until someone knocks him down a few pegs and he shows his ugly side.

I don't want to see that ever again. And I'm going to make sure Hunter knows it.

Sore Loser is a very spicy 16,000 word short story intended for mature readers.

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