Get Over It

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If you're looking for a sweet, swooning heroine who loves first kisses, soul mates, and letting her hair blow romantically in the breeze...

This ain't her.

When the blunt, abrasive, sassy-as-hell-take-no-crap workaholic Aspen Haws is "promoted" against her will, she goes from constantly travelling to a small town in northern Ontario with a dating pool of approximately twelve eligible men.

Luckily, Aspen has no time for love and no desire for commitment. Unluckily, she does have time for no-strings-attached hit-em-and-quit-em hookups... and there's not a lot of that going around Wakeham.


If you're looking for a cocky, confident, bad boy rock star who leaves a trail of broken hearts behind after every show and has a lover in every city...

This ain't him.

Theo Barker's fairytale came true. No one was more surprised than he was when the outcast loser turned world-famous rock star went from being bullied on the playground in Wakeham to the biggest stages in the world. But after his (now ex) girlfriend admits she's only with him for his money, the jaded rock star with a romantic streak decides it's time to go back home and take a break.


Both of these big personalities are immediately intrigued by each other when they collide in the small town of Wakeham: Theo by Aspen's self-assured sensuality and Aspen by Theo's charming smile and genuine kindness. But can these two very, VERY different people overcome the inevitable drama of having two very, very different lifestyles?

This small town romance is intended for mature readers and includes strong friendships, rock stars, bad-ass women, boundaries, consent, healthy relationships, and a lot of spicy scenes and happy endings!


More Than Words

More Than Words by Cheryl Terra.jpg

She wants to have her cupcake and eat it, too.


Aspen Haws wants it all: a career, a home she loves, and most importantly, Theo Barker. Balancing all those things while trying to make the life of a businesswoman and a rock star meld together isn't easy, but Aspen has one thing most other people don't: stubborn, unrelenting determination.


No Strings Attached


A single mom. A legendary rock star. Is there a chance for love?

There were a lot of things Alex Franzetti swore he'd never do again. Drugs. Alcohol. Performing. Above all, Alex Franzetti swore he would never again fall in love. Men like him didn't deserve love, not after what he'd done.

But there were just as many things Alex Franzetti couldn't resist, and putting a spoiled, out-of-control up-and-coming rock star in his place is one of them. When the infamous Jimmy Reilly embarrasses both his niece and his sister while recording at Alex's studio, Alex can't resist stepping in and teaching the young guitarist a lesson.

There was just one thing Alex wasn't expecting: Jimmy's sister, the admittedly hot and irresistible Em.

Being a single mom to a precocious daughter and a pseudo-mom to her younger brother, Em is used to doing what it takes to survive. But with a spiraling rock star for a brother and a daughter begging for guitar lessons that she knows Jimmy won't bother with, she turns to the only person she knows who might step in: the older, unreasonably sexy owner of a local recording studio, Alex... but can the burgeoning chemistry between two people separated by twenty-five years survive when a devastating secret threatens their friendship?

No Strings Attached is the award-winning novella about Em, a former alt-model turned single mom, and Alex, a world-renowned guitarist haunted by tragedy. This story features tattoos, rock stars, angst, and a guaranteed happily ever after.


1st Place, April 2020 Readers Choice Awards, Literotica

Winner of the 2020 Literotica Reader's Choice Award: Best Mature Story

Selfish Love

Selfish Love.jpg

Her daughter's gift costs more than she thought.


As a single mom, Kelsie Bauer is used to doing it all herself… or so she thinks.


When her daughter begs for a Christmas present that Kelsie can’t bring herself to say no to, she finds help from someone she absolutely shouldn’t: her best friend’s much-younger brother, twenty-one year old Jimmy.


1st Place, Winter Holidays Contest, Literotica 2021