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2020 Clitorides Award Finalist

The results of the 2020 Clitorides Awards are in and I was a finalist in a total of 6 different categories! Check out the results here and enjoy reading the stories here.

Thank you to everyone who read, voted, and commented! It's so incredible to know that people enjoy my stories. Posting has slowed down a bit this year but all new content can be found by visiting my Patreon account and new stories should be coming soon!


About The Author:

Cheryl Terra writes romance stories for people who hate romance stories, as well as for people who love romance stories. Writing is one of her greatest passions and she can often be found sitting in front of her laptop, ignoring the world around her as she finds elaborate ways for her characters to hook up with each other. When she’s not doing that, Cheryl enjoys knitting, spending time with her pets, annoying her fiancé, and trying to convince people civilization exists in the vast stretch of Canada between Vancouver and Toronto.


Members of my Patreon community get early access to all stories as well as bonus content such as song pairings, extra scenes, and Q&As. Subscribe to my Patreon to check it out!


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