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One Little Question

"Come on, baby. It's just one little question."


When Jay's wife, Candice, texts him from the cookie exchange she's hosting while he and his crew are working one Saturday before Christmas, they have no idea what kind of steamy shenanigans they're about to set in motion.

"Are you doing it for her? Or are you doing it for you?"

Following the intertwined stories of six different couples, this small town holiday romance takes the ensemble vibes of Love Actually and ramps up the heat, the heart, and the happily ever afters.

Will the passionate and intense couple who've just discovered they've had a massive miscommunication in their relationship be able to recover?

Will the secret the newly-in-love man has been hiding from his girlfriend tear them apart... or bring them together?

Will the gorgeous, curvy librarian find the courage to tell her boyfriend where she wants to sit?

One little question gets lips (and tongues...) moving for these six couples as they discuss and discover love, pleasure, confidence, patience, and more in this emotionally sweet but descriptively spicy holiday romcom.

Because why settle for one holiday romance... when you could have six?


  • 2nd Place, Winter Holidays Contest, Literotica 2022

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