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The story of a girl from a small town on a cross-country journey and the man making sure she doesn't end up dead in a ditch somewhere.


"Guess I'm going to Vancouver now."

"What? Why?"

"'Cause if I don't, you're gonna get yourself in trouble. Then I'm gonna have to hear some sad news story about a pretty small-town girl named Lacey Stephens who ended up dead in a ditch somewhere."

From a nameless small town in Manitoba to the Rocky Mountains, Montreal, and all manner of stops in between, Lacey Stephens is on a search to find her brother ten years after her religious father kicks him out of their house. Naive and scared, but determined to break free, Lacey contends with her family, her surroundings, and feelings she didn't know were possible.

Part coming-of-age story, part love letter to Canada, part romance, Runaway follows the twists and turns of Lacey's journey, with plenty of steamy stops along the way.


Literotica March 2020 First Time Category Nominee​​​​​​

Winner of the 2020 Literotica Reader's Choice Award: Best First Time

Nominee for the 2020 Literotica Reader's Choice Award: Most Original Sex Scene


Waking Up

Waking Up by Cheryl Terra.jpg

He loved her the moment he met her. Now he just needs to say it.


Noah Reiman is in love. He has been from the moment he met Lacey, and every action he's taken since then has been because he loves her. Now he just needs to find the right time to tell her.

Waking Up is a continuation of Noah and Lacey's story from Runaway. This short interlude takes place between Runaway and Finding Home.


Finding Home

Finding Home by Cheryl Terra.jpg

The road to happily ever after isn't easy for Lacey and Noah in this sequel to "Runaway."


A week was all it took to change Lacey and Noah's lives forever. One day he was saving her from being drugged; a few days later, he was taking her virginity, and a few days after that, they were running away together... again.

As Lacey's family heals after their escape from a manipulative abuser, things seem to be getting better. That is, of course, until an unexpected return of the last person Noah ever expected to see. On top of learning how to live a settled-down life after all their time on the road, they both need to face a future that's uncertain and discover how to grow up.


Literotica October 2020 Romance category nominee

Finalist for the 2020 Literotica Reader's Choice Award: Best Romance


The Devil Made Me

Devil Made Me.jpg

When good things happen to Sean Lemieux, he knows something is about to go horribly, horribly wrong.

It's what he's come to expect. Five years after being kicked out at seventeen by his religious zealot of a father, he's learned to protect himself by keeping his hopes, fears, and secrets heavily guarded. Sure, he might not exactly be happy... but he's safe.

That is, until the day Rick McDougall walks into the firm Sean works at. The tall, immaculately good-looking redhead is the personal assistant of Sean's newest client: a world famous musician who's a little too busy to attend appointments himself. Even Sean can't deny the chemistry between the two of them. 

But Rick is the definition of "too much of a good thing." Just as Sean starts letting his guard down, everything comes crashing down at once.


After discovering the baggage of his past and uncertainty of his future, will Rick be just another person who lets Sean down? Or is the tall redhead with startling blue eyes be the angel Sean needs to save him?


The Last Time

The Last Time 2.jpg

A waitress and her former lover try to save the local bar.


The last time Caleb and Maggie saw each other was the night before he left the small tourist town of Marble Beach, and the night they took each other's virginity. Nearly ten years later, Caleb is back in town to renovate the old family cabin after his father's death and Maggie is still a waitress at her mom's bar. When the bar is at risk of being shut down, can Caleb and Maggie set aside the differences of the past ten years to save it?


Literotica May 2020 Erotic Couplings category nominee

Winner of the 2020 Literotica Reader's Choice Award: Best Erotic Couplings

The Masks We Wear


When you fall for someone online, are you falling for the image they project or the person behind the façade?


Craig keeps to himself, but an incident with a bully in the library leads to someone taking a stand on his behalf. Frustrated at first by the pretty girl who posts a video mocking the bully, Craig slowly gets to know her and finds they have far more in common than he'd thought.

There's only one problem: despite seeing her on video, he has no idea who she is, and neither does anybody else.

This is the first collaboration written by Jason Caldwell and Cheryl Terra.


Literotica February 2020 First Time Category Nominee

Finalist for Literotica 2020 Reader's Choice Award: Best First Time


Unseen Love


COVID-19 changed the world. Bella Trimboli changed Danny's world.


The world was shocked when the COVID-19 pandemic led to lockdowns, quarantines, and isolation that had never before been experienced. For Danny Callaway, being isolated wasn't much of a change. It isn't until he happens to hear his new neighbour crying on the balcony that he discovers hope and love can't be stopped by a lockdown.

Set in Toronto during the coronavirus lockdown, Unseen Love is the third collaboration by Jason Caldwell and Cheryl Terra. This story was written for Literotica's Love The One(s) You're With story event and won 2nd place, with a $340 CAD donation made to FoodShare Toronto as part of the prize.


Literotica May 2020 Romance category nominee

Literotica Love The Ones You're With Special Contest - 2nd Place



Bitch (2).jpg

They called her a bitch, so that's what she became.


Thalia Taylor is a bitch, there's no question about it.


She's a loud mouthed bitch, a stone cold bitch, a slutty bitch, and a crazy bitch; at least, that's what they call her. She thinks it's because she's unapologetic, confident, and honest.


Only her best friend since childhood, Liam, knows the truth: Thalia Taylor is a fake bitch.




To a broken mind, love and vengeance go hand in hand.


Cecily Larch was never quite normal. When she falls in love with her best friend's husband, she's torn between her obsessive nature and doing what's right, only to find out that not everything is as it seems. In this story of toxic love, betrayal, and revenge, what you think is true might not be, and what is true might not be what you want to see.

When It Rains

When It Rains - New Update.jpg

She finds love in the worst possible place: the arms of her ex's father.


Jocelyn "Joss" Miller's family is fucked up. Her sister can't keep her hands off Jocelyn's boyfriend, her father's favourite daughter is clearly not her, and her mother constantly begs her to be the bigger person and keep the peace. After all, family is family. After her sister's disastrous wedding, Jocelyn finds solace in the arms of the one person she shouldn't: her ex-boyfriend's father, Derek Thompson.

It's only when Jocelyn finally decides to leave a past full of pain behind and look for a brighter future that the knots in her life begin to unravel. One after another, revelations lead to heartbreak, drama, and the uncertainty of Jocelyn's future.


Literotica July 2020 Mature category nominee


The Lady's Maid

The Lady's Maid 2.jpg

Charlotte is in love... but not with him. A marriage threatens secret lovers in 18th century England.


Charlotte and Alice have spent their entire lives together. Childhood friends, companions, and now secret lovers, their lives are about to be changed. In less than a month, Charlotte is to marry Thomas, a man she's never met, by arrangement of her father. In this tale of 18th century love, the lives of Charlotte, Alice, and Thomas are forever entwined.


As You Wish

as you wish (1).jpg

"I don't have time for sad stories, Dad," he would say. "So don't start telling me this story unless it has a happy ending."

Being a single dad isn't easy.

It's even harder when your son is diagnosed with cancer.

Jeremy's sole focus in life is his son, Ethan. He barely has time to work, let alone time for love or friendship. Already struggling to make ends meet, Jeremy is doing everything he can to make his Ethan's life a little bit easier. When Ethan's cancer treatments stretch on, Jeremy wants to do something special for his son... but he knows he's going to need help to do it. 

Enter Noreen Willow, the wish granter who specializes in making dreams come true for children with serious illnesses... and who's so burnt out, she's handed in her two weeks' notice. Resigned to taking on one final client, she commits to going through the motions to help a single dad and his son. She's expecting an easy-to-grant, straightforward wish.

She's not expecting to confront the trauma from her past or finding a spark that makes it impossible for her to walk away.

Surrounded by hardship, tragedy, and grief, can Noreen and Jeremy find what they need when it comes time to start again?


This single dad romance is a story of love, loss, and hope. Featuring a sensitive, blue-collar single dad and a strong female lead with a traumatic past, As You Wish shares a look into the reality of childhood illnesses and shows that even tragedy can't stop a happily ever after.