I Really Can't Stay

I Really Can't Stay.jpg

What will people think when Nancy is trapped with Bruce during a snowstorm in the early 1950s?


A blizzard brings Nancy Parker to the home of Bruce Benson, her sister's steady boyfriend until he'd left for Korea in the early 1950s. Stranded at the house of a man no one's seen since he returned, Nancy tries to figure out how to get home with her reputation intact.


Nominee for December 2020 Literotica First Time Category


Not Another Christmas Movie

Not Another Christmas Movie.jpg

Nicki Calina thinks Cole Shepherd is sexy as hell. There's just one problem: she hates Christmas, and he won't shut up about it.


Nicki's ex-boyfriend completely ruined any love she had for Christmas. Three years later, she's working a contract position when she meets Cole, an HR manager with a hell of a smile. Chemistry builds up between the two of them until December 1st, when Nicki realizes Cole is completely Christmas-obsessed.


Can Nicki get past her aversion to the holiday and find her own Hallmark-esque happily ever after?


Adam Caar


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