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Finding Home

“I love you. And I’m not going to stop loving you. This isn’t what ends us, Noah.”

“What do you think ends us, then?”


A week was all it took to change Lacey and Noah's lives forever. From one side of the country to the other, Noah helps Lacey break free from the chains of her childhood so they can begin their lives together.

But learning to live a settled-down life has its own problems. When an unexpected person from Noah's past returns, the tenuous peace in Noah and Lacey's lives threatens to shatter as trial after tribulation is thrown at them. Faced with the uncertainty of the future, can Lacey and Noah find a way to escape from their respective pasts?

Finding Home brings back Noah and Lacey, the beloved characters from Runaway, in a story that explores the challenges of new adulthood. From making friends, finding jobs, and learning how to cope with the challenges of being an adult, get ready to fall in love with this sweet, spicy, and steamy love story set in Canada!

  • Literotica October 2020 Romance category nominee

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