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No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached

A single mom. A legendary rock star. Is there a chance for love?

There were a lot of things Alex Franzetti swore he'd never do again. Drugs. Alcohol. Performing. Above all, Alex Franzetti swore he would never again fall in love. Men like him didn't deserve love, not after what he'd done.

But there were just as many things Alex Franzetti couldn't resist, and putting a spoiled, out-of-control up-and-coming rock star in his place is one of them. When the infamous Jimmy Reilly embarrasses both his niece and his sister while recording at Alex's studio, Alex can't resist stepping in and teaching the young guitarist a lesson.

There was just one thing Alex wasn't expecting: Jimmy's sister, the admittedly hot and irresistible Em.

Being a single mom to a precocious daughter and a pseudo-mom to her younger brother, Em is used to doing what it takes to survive. But with a spiraling rock star for a brother and a daughter begging for guitar lessons that she knows Jimmy won't bother with, she turns to the only person she knows who might step in: the older, unreasonably sexy owner of a local recording studio, Alex... but can the burgeoning chemistry between two people separated by twenty-five years survive when a devastating secret threatens their friendship?

No Strings Attached is the award-winning novella about Em, a former alt-model turned single mom, and Alex, a world-renowned guitarist haunted by tragedy. This story features tattoos, rock stars, angst, and a guaranteed happily ever after.


  • 1st Place, April 2020 Readers Choice Awards, Literotica

  • Winner of the 2020 Literotica Reader's Choice Award: Best Mature Story

Unseen Love

Unseen Love

COVID-19 changed the world. Bella Trimboli changed Danny's world.


The world was shocked when the COVID-19 pandemic led to lockdowns, quarantines, and isolation that had never before been experienced. For Danny Callaway, being isolated wasn't much of a change. It isn't until he happens to hear his new neighbour crying on the balcony that he discovers hope and love can't be stopped by a lockdown.

Set in Toronto during the coronavirus lockdown, Unseen Love is the third collaboration by Jason Caldwell and Cheryl Terra. This story was written for Literotica's Love The One(s) You're With story event and won 2nd place, with a $340 CAD donation made to FoodShare Toronto as part of the prize.


  • Literotica May 2020 Romance category nominee

  • Literotica Love The Ones You're With Special Contest - 2nd Place

As You Wish
as you wish.jpg

As You Wish

"I don't have time for sad stories, Dad," he would say. "So don't start telling me this story unless it has a happy ending."

Being a single dad isn't easy.

It's even harder when your son is diagnosed with cancer.

Jeremy's sole focus in life is his son, Ethan. He barely has time to work, let alone time for love or friendship. Already struggling to make ends meet, Jeremy is doing everything he can to make his Ethan's life a little bit easier. When Ethan's cancer treatments stretch on, Jeremy wants to do something special for his son... but he knows he's going to need help to do it. 

Enter Noreen Willow, the wish granter who specializes in making dreams come true for children with serious illnesses... and who's so burnt out, she's handed in her two weeks' notice. Resigned to taking on one final client, she commits to going through the motions to help a single dad and his son. She's expecting an easy-to-grant, straightforward wish.

She's not expecting to confront the trauma from her past or finding a spark that makes it impossible for her to walk away.

Surrounded by hardship, tragedy, and grief, can Noreen and Jeremy find what they need when it comes time to start again?


This single dad romance is a story of love, loss, and hope. Featuring a sensitive, blue-collar single dad and a strong female lead with a traumatic past, As You Wish shares a look into the reality of childhood illnesses and shows that even tragedy can't stop a happily ever after.

  • Literotica March 2022 Reader's Choice Winner

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