Hi, I'm Cheryl Terra

  • World's okayest dog + cat + plant mom

  • Runs mainly on caffiene, anxiety, and daydreams

  • Listens to the same song(s) on repeat for far longer than any sane person should

  • Kind of a nerd

  • Also - spoiler alert - a writer

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My Story

Cheryl Terra is the award-winning author behind some of the most read recent stories on Literotica. Since 2019, she's posted 50 stories that have amassed nearly 3 million views and average a 4.8/5 rating. She has won 5 contests, 4 Readers Choice awards, and is one of the top 250 most favourited authors on the website with 2700+ followers. She has multiple stories at the top of Literotica's Halls of Fame, including in Romance, First Time, Mature, and Anal, as well as the overall Top Rated stories on the site.

She began writing because she's greedy. She wanted to see stories that combined all her favourite things: love, drama, sex, comedy, and the empowering values she shares, plus a little Canadian pride for good measure. She blends humour, romance, and emotion together to make stories that are touching and relatable. Her writing often focuses on relationships and character growth, spinning tales in a way that makes the flawed people she writes about lovable and realistic.


Along with the relatable characters, fans of Cheryl's writing often comment on the enjoyable dialogue and banter. One of the things she is most proud of with her writing is hearing about people who enjoy the recurring themes she includes, such as the sexiness of consent, discussions of birth control, and the natural inclusion of diversity in her stories.

As a passionate believer in equality and empathy, Cheryl aims to incorporate social topics in her writing. She aims to break past buzzwords and explore issues in an accessible, inclusive, and empowering way without being "preachy." Her books and stories are constantly evolving and growing as she learns and grows.