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Another Last Call

One small town. Two childhood friends. Ten years later, will an attempt to save the local bar be their last call for love?


The bar was my legacy.
It was all I had to look forward to: a lonely life waiting tables in a small town and dumping beer on the tourists who got a little too forward.
Though, as the current owner of the bar, Mom didn't exactly approve of the beer-dumping thing. But it wasn't my fault they were pigs.
Maybe if I'd listened to her, things would have gone better.
Because then he came back.
Just in time to see everything around me crumble.
And he's the last person I want to get help from.

The cabin was my inheritance.
Not money or heirlooms. Just a rundown cabin in Marble Beach made even shoddier by the luxurious lake houses that surrounded it.
Typical Dad. Everything had to be a lesson with him.
I thought that was the last lesson he was trying to teach me: turning what I had into what I wanted. Take the cabin and spruce it up, then sell it so I could use the money to start my business like I'd planned.
But I was wrong.
She was my lesson.
But would she be my reward?

Based on the original award-winning novella The Last Time, this second chance small town romance between a surly waitress and the man who returns to her life ten years after they had their first time together has been revamped as a 50K novel. It features plenty of steamy scenes and passionate drama. Please see book preview for potential content warnings.

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